The member association Platform BK was founded in 2012 by Mariska van den Berg, Yvonne Grootenboer, Rune Peitersen, Jack Segbars and Yuri Veerman. The daily management is in the hands of a small core team that coordinates the programme with the board. Platform BK also works with a number of specialists.

Core team

Harriet Morley –

Jeannette Slütter –


Joram Kraaijeveld – voorzitter,
Esmee Schoutens – secretaris,
Leon Benders – penningmeester,
Mia van den Bos – algemeen bestuurslid,
Alina Lupu – algemeen bestuurslid,
Judith Leysner – algemeen bestuurslid,
Renée Steenbergen – algemeen bestuurslid,


Because the base of the platform consists of a small group of people, the members around it are incredibly important. They actively participate in the platform, come up with ideas and make us financially independent. Anyone can become a member and thus have a say in the annual members’ meeting. Do you want to become a member? You can register here directly.

Weerwoord Editorial Team

Alina Lupu & Rosa te Velde


Youri Appelo, Germa Roos, Nynke Besemer, Sandra Geerlings, Carine Portengen, Sandra Enting, Iris Bruning, Charlie Berendsen, Christel Vesters, Dorothé Orczyk, Silvia Oulloa, Joris Lindhout, Maurice Bogaert, Mathijs Lieshout, Loes Degener, Alice Smits, Fransje Melief, Studio Inherent, Asja Keeman, Vincent van Velsen, Yvonne Grootenboer, Yuri Veerman, Maziar Afrassiabi, Irene de Craen, Maritt Kuipers, Mariska van den Berg, Michelle Schulkens, Koen Bartijn & Sepp Eckenhaussen.