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Platform BK feeds the debate on the importance of art for society with the many voices from the sector. We write and publish texts with different angles and points of view. We use these reviews, opinions articles, essays and critical open letters to sketch a picture of our ideals.

GSZK#2 Utrecht, June 2019. Photo Medina Resic

Do we want a state of patronage?

Patronage: as artists, we may not be directly involved, but we do observe a number of developments up close. MORE

Action required to uphold promises around residence status and Tozo

If no action is taken by State Secretaries Uslu and Van der Burg, in the next year and a... MORE

How many complaints do we need to change an institution?

Gender-based discrimination and violence are considered to be widespread issues in the arts. What can be done? Martina Denegri... MORE

Reader 7: Precarious Practices

Artists and cultural workers on the reality of precarious life. MORE

Retort #26 Quid Pro Quo, But What Is the Quo, Exactly?

Towards an ethics for public and private interests in the changing cultural sector. MORE