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Platform BK feeds the debate on the importance of art for society with the many voices from the sector. We write and publish texts with different angles and points of view. We use these reviews, opinions articles, essays and critical open letters to sketch a picture of our ideals.

GSZK#2 Utrecht, June 2019. Photo Medina Resic

Retort #24 The Philanthropy Trap

On the disruptive positions of Ammodo, Droom en Daad, and the Hartwig Art Foundation MORE

Against (sexual) violence in the arts

In this letter, Platform BK will respond to recent reports and discussions about (sexual) violence and inappropriate behaviour in... MORE

A Bottom-Up Academy

Art academies should not function as companies, but as real academies, where high-quality education and research go hand in... MORE

The Artificial Community

Precarious Practices #5: On the vulnerability of an art community that must succeed. MORE