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Platform BK feeds the debate on the importance of art for society with the many voices from the sector. We write and publish texts with different angles and points of view. We use these reviews, opinions articles, essays and critical open letters to sketch a picture of our ideals.

GSZK#2 Utrecht, June 2019. Photo Medina Resic

Retort#22 If the Fair Practice Code Is the Answer, Would You Please Repeat the Question?

The Fair Practice Code is being embraced by governments and funds! Fantastic! Finally, fair pay for artists. At least,... MORE

Black Lives Matter: Against Racism in the Arts

Yesterday, we stood with our comrades on the Nelson Mandela Park in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. Today, after two weeks of... MORE

How precarious is working in the cultural sector?

Precarious Practices #4. On what the numbers show us, and the qualitative insights we can derive from that. MORE