Platform Beeldende Kunst Retort – Platform BK


A retort is an agenda-setting, informative or opinion-forming article that reflects on current developments in art in clear language. A retort can be a reaction to negative perceptions and tendentious reporting on art, statements by politicians or economists, research reports, elections, or urgent problems that are felt in the cultural field. This does not mean that we publish a reaction to every stupid article that once again stigmatizes art as a left-wing hobby without value or use. Rather, a retort reacts to current affairs, without getting stuck in the issues of the day. Using sharp observations and wit, these pieces create space for agonism and debate. Thus, retorts contribute to the resilience, visibility, and appreciation of the (visual) arts.

Platform BK has a small team of talented artists, writers and specialists who are always at the ready to speak up against platitudes that dominate the public debate. The team members sometimes write a retort, and other times contribute pieces from writers in their own network. This way, team retort remains a fluid collectivity with a solid base.