Platform BK – Platform Beeldende Kunst

Report: Active Space Camp

The Active Space Camp was a 48-hour workshop with the intention of involving participants in ways that optimizes the chance for new ideas, networks, and initiatives to emerge. The artist-run space W139 in Amsterdam was the base camp for common meals, collaborations, discussions, and game-based explorations of the surrounding neighborhood.


Post-Precarity Autumn Camp: How To Survive As An Artist

From September 27th until October 1st, Platform BK, Hotel Maria Kapel, and the Institute of Network Cultures organized an autumn camp for young art workers. Read and see the results here.


Evaluation Guideline for Artist Fees

The coalition BKNL has commissioned research agency Berenschot to conduct an evaluation of the Guideline for Artist Fees. Download the report (in Dutch) and read about the next steps in the development of the guideline that we strive for here.


Announcement and invitation: Workgroup Art Educators

Platform BK organises monthly meetings for art educators, to exchange ideas and experiences on how to make art academies more safe, open, and inclusive working and learning environments. All interested educators are invited to learn more about these meetings during the first Open Session of the Workgroup Art Educators, on 18 October, 20:00-21:30.


Active Space Camp

Platform BK kicks off the new cultural season with a three-day workshop on art, solidarity, and self-organisation in the Amsterdam art space W139 and surroundings on August 27, 28 and 29, 2021. Read all about the event and how you can participate below


Between Art and Power

On the 19th of May, debate center De Balie organised ‘Between Art and Power’, a roundtable on power relationships in the art world. Sepp Eckenhaussen took part on behalf of Platform BK. Watch the (Dutch-language) recording here.


Thanks to our members, we are able to:

    • Conduct research into the art policy of the national government and municipalities.
    • Take action for a better art policy.
    • Interfere in the debate on the role of art in society.
    • Inform politics about what’s going on among artists and other makers.
    • Organise debates on current affairs in the arts.
    • Ensure the continuity of our activities.

  • “Platform BK onderzoekt, lobbyt, en initieert debat over de rol van de kunsten en de positie van kunstenaars in onze maatschappij, daarom ben ik lid geworden.” • Lard Buurman

    In our debates and research, we publish specially compiled readers that provide additional information and backgrounds on the topics in question. The readers are free to download and are used in education, among other things.