Retort #25 The State of Patronage

Why private gifts for the arts should not be a political instrument.


Action required to uphold promises around residence status and Tozo

If no action is taken by State Secretaries Uslu and Van der Burg, in the next year and a half to two years, dozens or hundreds of self-employed workers in the cultural sector would be forced to leave the country for economic reasons, thereby disregarding their cultural value, which is the basis of their residence […]


How to Survive as an Artist in the 21st Century?

A short documentary by Mathilde Hjelle on the motivations of artists in The Netherlands and their attitudes toward money.


Midstream @ Het Resort

At the seminar ‘Midstream’, organized by Het Resort in Groningen, Sepp Eckenhaussen gave a lecture entitled ‘The Rise and Fall of Social Art Policy’ and Koen Bartijn led a workshop on the ‘artistic biotope’. Watch the lecture and subsequent panel discussion here.


What can we do for those affected by the war in Ukraine?

Below is an overview of joint solidarity actions in the Dutch, Ukrainian and Russian art communities for the victims of war in Ukraine and all people who are diaspora. This is a document in the making.


Problems with visa because of TOZO? Let us know to support push for policy change

We invite artists and cultural workers, whose application to renew their residence visa has been rejected, to get in touch with us. The main reason for the IND to reject the application seems to be that the income as a freelancer was too low in the last two years, as TOZO is not considered to […]


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    • Interfere in the debate on the role of art in society.
    • Inform politics about what’s going on among artists and other makers.
    • Organise debates on current affairs in the arts.
    • Ensure the continuity of our activities.
    In our debates and research, we publish specially compiled readers that provide additional information and backgrounds on the topics in question. The readers are free to download and are used in education, among other things.