Platform BK – Platform Beeldende Kunst

The Artificial Community

Precarious Practices #5: On the vulnerability of an art community that must succeed.


Hyperunionisation – How to Get Payed?

Platform BK took part in the roundtable [HOW TO GET PAYED], organised by Art Workers Italia.


Against (sexual) violence in the arts

In this letter, Platform BK will respond to recent reports and discussions about (sexual) violence and inappropriate behaviour in the Dutch visual art world. We wish to share the position and responsibilities we see for Platform BK as the representative and co-initiator of the Fair Practice Code and which actions we will take. In addition, […]


Solidarity Sessions #3: Under the Cutting Line

A program on the budget cuts in culture in Brabant, and how we can deal with them collectively. Wednesday November 4th, 8-10  p.m., live on YouTube.


Pay the Artist Now!

In the weekend of the 16th-18th of October, Tiroler Künstler:innenschaft and IG Bildende Kunst Wien organized the FAIR PAY weekend. As a representative of BKNL, Platform BK participated in a panel discussion.


A better art world? Diversity and inclusion alone won’t get us there

With the introduction of the new Diversity & Inclusion Code a better art world seems within reach. Or is it? It’s high time for a critical look at the blind spots in the current discourse.


Thanks to our members, we are able to:

    • Conduct research into the art policy of the national government and municipalities.
    • Take action for a better art policy.
    • Interfere in the debate on the role of art in society.
    • Inform politics about what’s going on among artists and other makers.
    • Organise debates on current affairs in the arts.
    • Ensure the continuity of our activities.

  • “PBK kan je een paraplu zijn als het hard regent.” • Frank Koolen

    In our debates and research, we publish specially compiled readers that provide additional information and backgrounds on the topics in question. The readers are free to download and are used in education, among other things.