Platform BK – Platform Beeldende Kunst

Active Space Camp

Platform BK kicks off the new cultural season with a three-day workshop on art, solidarity, and self-organisation in the Amsterdam art space W139 and surroundings on August 27, 28 and 29, 2021. Read all about the event and how you can participate below


Between Art and Power

On the 19th of May, debate center De Balie organised ‘Between Art and Power’, a roundtable on power relationships in the art world. Sepp Eckenhaussen took part on behalf of Platform BK. Watch the (Dutch-language) recording here.


A Bottom-Up Academy

Art academies should not function as companies, but as real academies, where high-quality education and research go hand in hand with commitment and care for one another.


Retort #24 The Philanthropy Trap

On the disruptive positions of Ammodo, Droom en Daad, and the Hartwig Art Foundation


F-Razzor Solidarity Fundraiser

Over 60 artists donate their work during the benefit F-Razzor to support survivors of sexual violence and the establishment of Engagement Arts NL.


Call-out Culture / Cancel Culture

The trials and tribulations of the BredaPhoto 2020 scandal. ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’, but was anything learned in the process?


Thanks to our members, we are able to:

    • Conduct research into the art policy of the national government and municipalities.
    • Take action for a better art policy.
    • Interfere in the debate on the role of art in society.
    • Inform politics about what’s going on among artists and other makers.
    • Organise debates on current affairs in the arts.
    • Ensure the continuity of our activities.

  • “Ik vind dat iedere kunstenaar lid moet worden want samen zijn wij sterk.” • Magnus Monfeldt

    In our debates and research, we publish specially compiled readers that provide additional information and backgrounds on the topics in question. The readers are free to download and are used in education, among other things.