Opinie: we moeten van Fair Practice code naar actie

Het genderverschil in beloning in de cultuursector tussen mannen en vrouwen bedraagt 20 procent. De Boekmanstichting presenteerde deze conclusie eind maart, na onderzoek te hebben gedaan naar genderongelijkheid in de beeldende kunst, in opdracht van het Niemeijer Fonds.


The Politics of Dialogue, The Politics of Space

On 19 December 2023, Platform Beeldende Kunst (PBK) organized the meetup Wat does this mean for the arts? at W139 in Amsterdam. This report was written by Jack Segbars. 


The Liberation of Arts Philantropy

An introduction to the changing role of arts philanthropy in the Dutch visual arts.


In the Turmoil of the Election Campaign, We Forget about One Thing: Culture

A call to keep culture on the agenda during the Dutch general election campaign.


A Call To Open Calls

“A Call to Open Calls” arose out of a proposition to Platform BK by artists Alina Lupu and Michiel Teeuw, following Alina’s lecture on the subject at Buro Stedelijk, and built upon Stroom Den Haag’s collaboration with Conflictorium. The collaborative event was intended as a starting point from which to open up a conversation surrounding […]


Launch of Artists’ Fees Guideline 2.0

The renewed Guideline for Artists’ Fees was presented on November 2, 2023, which will apply from January 1, 2025. A major improvement for artists and an important step towards Fair Practice!


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