Who’s Paying the Art Writer?

Art writers know: art writers are underpaid. What makes fair practice in this field so elusive? Where is the system failing, and what can we do better?


Who Owns the Studios?

A plea for a renewed understanding of artist studios as ‘social real estate’, and for forms of ownership and governance that underpin this understanding.


How many complaints do we need to change an institution?

Gender-based discrimination and violence are considered to be widespread issues in the arts. What can be done? Martina Denegri shares urgent steps to overcome the unsafety in three different sections: the origins of womxn artists’ historical invisibility,  sexual harassment in art education, and the lack of womxn’s representation in the arts.


Do we want a state of patronage?

Patronage: as artists, we may not be directly involved, but we do observe a number of developments up close.


The Great Disappearing Act

On confusion and accountability in the production complex, a report on the symposium The State of Patronage.


Art Academies Acknowledge Urgency to Change

Platform BK and Kunstenbond were invited by SAC KUO, the official meeting of the management of Dutch art academies, to talk about the professional futures of their students.


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