The Politics of Artistic Labor

On the clash between exhibition production as social practice and the institutional framework. A report on ‘Studio Talks: Artists in the Political Arena’, a program by Platform BK and Museum Arnhem.


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Shaping Solidarity in the Arts

On the 18th of February 2023, Valiz, De Appel, and Platform BK organized a soup meal, a book launch and a conversation on the role and meaning of solidarity in the arts. Read the report here.


Stop Calling Artists Entrepreneurs

It is time to debunk the myth of cultural entrepreneurship. Cultural entrepreneurship is a vague concept that transfers structural problems to invidual artists and is often at odds with fair practice.


Open source guerilla art for international human rights day

10 December is International Human Rights Day. On this occasion, artist Himmelsbach (1983) offers free sets of posters from his art project ‘A Paper Monument for the Paperless’ as an open-source .pdf. Print these portraits on December 10th and hang them to be seen, to contribute to Human Rights Day.


Who’s Paying the Art Writer?

Art writers know: art writers are underpaid. What makes fair practice in this field so elusive? Where is the system failing, and what can we do better?


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