All the Wrong Questions

A series of protest posters made in response to the politics of the Rutte I government in the Netherlands. The posters ask the type of questions one would ask when looking at life through an excel sheet: How efficient is your child? How lucrative is free time? What do we gain from helping? What’s the added value of a homeless person? How much does your grandmother cost?


'All the Wrong Questions', Yuri Veerman, Platform BK & W193, 2011.

All the Wrong Questions was a project by Yuri Veerman, Platform BK, and W139. All posters, designed by Yuri Veerman, can be downloaded on this page. Below, you can also find pictures of the posters in different contexts: on election billboards, used as sandwich posters during protests, exhibited in a gallery and in museums.

All the Wrong Questions op verkiezingsborden
All the Wrong Questions als sandwichbord tijdens een protestmars
All the Wrong Questions tentoongesteld bij Galerie Jeanine Hofland
All the Wrong Questions als onderdeel van een installatie van Platform BK in het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
All the Wrong Questions bij Virtueel Museum Zuidas

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