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10 years of Platform BK = 10 years of solidarity

For 10 years Platform BK has been working for solidarity in the arts, better policy and a stronger position for cultural workers. We can do this thanks to our 600 members. We can really use your support, because the more members, the bigger our fist! You can become a member for as little as €5 a month.

Sign up here, or read more about what we do, what we have achieved, what our members do, and what we offer below.



  • Conducting research into the art policy of the government and the municipality.
  • Campaigning for a better art policy through open letters, art interventions, and lobbying.
  • Talking to interest groups and politicians and representing artists and other makers at the policymaking table.
  • Facilitating the organisation of sub-communities and clusters: anything from book clubs to working groups, we welcome our members’
  • Intervening in the art debate by writing and publishing critical essays and open letters.
  • Organising events and debates on current affairs in the arts.
  • Working towards improving the working conditions of artists and cultural workers with a non-Dutch background.



  • We helped develop the Fair Practice Code for the cultural and creative sector.
  • We assisted the abolition of the self-employed persons’ allowance and the discontinuation of the starter’s allowance for self-employed persons.
  • Our Retorts and opinion pieces are often published and discussed in the national media, and have made an important contribution to the debate and reporting on the art sector
  • We have become an advisory and critical discussion partner for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Council for Culture, municipalities and funds, among others.
  • Our activist and art interventions like ‘How much does a hero earn?’ have received nationwide media coverage and stimulated debate in the sector.



  • Participating to our events and other activities for free.
  • Your input in debates, research and events is the basis of our actions.
  • Initiating your own projects with our support and access to our network.
  • Meeting a network of likeminded professionals to exchange ideas, resources and opinions.
  • Sharing your own experiences with Platform BK and other members to build networks of solidarity.
  • The more members, the more influence!



Platform BK offers four different types of membership depending on the amount that you are willing to contribute to the platform:

  1. CRISIS/STUDENT – €5/month or €60/year
  2. STANDARD – €7,50/month or €90/year
  3. PATRON – €12,50/month or €150/year
  4. MESSIAH – €25/month or €300/year

Platform BK does not offer individual representation, legal assistance, or accounting services. Our work focuses on research, activism and lobby that create better working conditions for all workers in the visual arts. All the memberships include:

  • Free access to all our events and activities.
  • Participate in the General Assembly
  • A discount on a subscription to the Metropolis M and BK Informatie.
  • A private copying fee from Pictoright worth €30.
  • Thanks to the Giving Act for institutions with an ANBI status, you can deduct 125% of your donation from the income tax.