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Become a Member

If you want to be part of the platform you can become a member. In this way you support our activities, stay informed of everything we do and have a say in our members’ meetings. Many of our members actively participate in shaping and implementing our projects, but of course membership does not oblige you to anything. You can become a member of Platform BK from € 5,- per month, you can register here.


  • We conduct research into the art policy of the government and the municipality.
  • We campaign for a better art policy.
  • We intervene in the art debate by writing and publishing critical essays and open letters.
  • We talk to interest groups and politicians and tell them what is going on among artists and other makers.
  • We organise debates on current affairs in the arts.
  • We facilitate clusters: small meetings – from film evenings to reading clubs – for and by our members.


  • Partly thanks to Platform BK, a national guideline for artists’ fees has been introduced.
  • Platform BK has made an important contribution to the Fair Practice Code for the cultural and creative sector.
  • Partly thanks to Platform BK, the abolition of the self-employed persons’ allowance and the starter’s allowance for self-employed persons was discontinued.
  • Our Retorts and opinion pieces are often published and discussed in the national media, and have made an important contribution to the debate and reporting on art.
  • Our public debates have a strong influence on current discussions in the arts.
  • We have become an advisory and critical discussion partner for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Council for Culture, municipalities and funds, among others.


  • Thanks to our members, we are able to carry out ongoing research into the policy of the government and the municipality and to take action for a better art policy.
  • We are the only artists’ association that takes action on the basis of research and debate that we initiate ourselves and together with our members.
  • As a member you get free access to our activities and have a say in our general meeting.
  • As a member you get a discount on a subscription to the Metropolis M.
  • As a member you get a private copying fee from Pictoright worth 30 euros.
  • The more members, the more influence!