Event: Envision Free Space

A three-day program about free spaces in Amsterdam. Organized by Envision Free Space (EFS) conference.

18/01/2024 - 20/01/2024

For this gathering, we invite you to take part in the 3-day participatory journey:

Day 1: Thursday 18.01
Nightculture, Space & Solidarity

Goal of the day: How can nightlife change the way we live in the daytime?

Reflect, unlearn, envision, exchange: on

> How can we make space for nightculture?
> Spatial justice: What is the essence of free space, and for whom? 

> How can we enable and sustain access to space for culture in the inner city?

By delving into limitless horizons and echoes of spatial justice through diaspora narratives, we aim to explore these questions and many others that may arise along the way.

Day 2: Friday 19.01
How can we enable and sustain access to space?

Goal of the day: Cross-pollinating intersectional visions for enabling and sustaining access to space for the current and the next generation of cultural makers.

> How can we ensure the survival of free cultural spaces for present and future generations?  

> How are our cultural free spaces pockets of imagination, actively gearing towards a circular/doughnut economy and fostering a just transition along their path?

Day 3: Saturday 20.01

The role of free space & the arts towards community resilience in times of crisis.

Goal of the day: Strengthening the mycelium from the grassroots:

>What are tools, approaches when it comes to combating cultural censorship?
>How can we become more independent, less reliant on governmental funding?

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