How to Survive as an Artist in the 21st Century?

A short documentary by Mathilde Hjelle on the motivations of artists in The Netherlands and their attitudes toward money.


In the short documentary How to Survive as an Artist in the 21st Century?, Mathilde Hjelle sets out to explore the motivations of visual artists in The Netherlands. She aks: how do these artists deal with their precarity? Which considerations do they have about selling or not selling their work? And how do they keep making what they want to make? The interviews with Barbara Rink, Maurice Bogaert, Paul Dikker, Peim van der Sloot, Rosa Menkman, Willum Geerts, and Alina Lupu give a personal and intimate insight into the lives of the artist and the documentary maker.

About Mathilde Hjelle
Mathilde studies Urban Studies at the University of Amsterdam. From September until December 2021, she worked at Platform BK as an intern. This documentary was the main internship project.

The film music was composed by Patricia Taxxon (listen more on Bandcamp).

About Mathilde Hjelle

Mathilde is a student of the rMA Urban Studies at the University of Amsterdam and works as an intern at Platform BK.