Survey for tenants of Amsterdam ‘art factories’

For an investigation into the quality of living and working in the Amsterdam art factories, Bureau Broedplaatsen collects experience from tenants of the various collective studio buildings and collective housing for artists, or ‘art factories’? (broedplaatsten). How do they experience being a tenant (and/or resident) of an art factory?


This survey is part of a broad survey of the broedplaatsen over the past 20 years. The perspective of the tenants is now also directly processed for this research, as this seems to have been underexposed in previous research into the quality of broedplaatsen. It is therefore very important that as many tenants as possible complete this survey so that their voice is represented as well as possible in the report and in further policy developments.


You can find the survey here 


This research is being conducted by Atlas Research (atlasresearch.nl). For questions and remarks, send a message to blaker@atlasresearch.nl.


Note: The survey is anonymous and will not be linked to individuals. It is important to mention that the answers to these questions are in no way used to determine the suitability of the tenant for the use of the art factory, such as in the assessment of artistry by CAWA (Commission Ateliers (Woon)Werkpanden Amsterdam). ).

About Sepp Eckenhaussen

Sepp Eckenhaussen is a researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures. From 2020 until 2023, he and Koen Bartijn were the core team of Platform BK.