Tactics for Togetherness

On June the 1st we hosted Tactics for Togetherness! Platform BK and POST brought together networks and initiatives to discuss their experiences running support systems. Mutual Support for the mutual supporters!

The afternoon focused on how to sustain and connect these networks of support, strengthen the knowledge of those who need it most, address gaps within current resources, and gather tools and resources already made. It become even more apparent that there is a need to create moment to share experiences of navigating various aspects of Dutch bureaucracy and work against the isolation it often instills on artists. The talk was then followed by a workshop on tactics of self organisation with Not Just a Collective.

Moderation by Lena Longefay

– Margarita Osipian, Co-initiator of DIWAN Arts and Dialogue and an independent curator, researcher, and cultural organiser based in Amsterdam
– Mutual Support Platform (Represented by M.C Julie Yu, Nguyễn Ngọc Tú Dung)
– Solidarity Platform (Lila Bullen-Smith and Francisca Khamis Giacoman)
Moderator: Lena Longefay
Workshop by Not Just a Collective
‘Mutual support for the mutual supporters... an afternoon of meeting and connecting with others who have been similarly busy over the years building, maintaining and nurturing various support and solidarity networks with an eye on the future and how we can best come together to work collectively to safeguard and create the kind of (art) world we want to live and work in.’
Picture by Floris de Vries
‘In the event, I revisit one of the tough times of being a foreign art worker in Europe and rethink the structural question that once haunted me.  The questions are still hanging, but I feel more empowered surrounded by friends who kept on the journey when I was absent.’
Picture by Floris de Vries
‘…. in this afternoon, I realised how crucial hearsay, gossip, rumors, and secret tips can be, and how difficult it is to access these discreet tactics. Making an informed choice requires knowing all the available options. This session also inspired me to engage more with these topics and to take negotiation classes.’
Pictures by Floris de Vries
‘I learned that apparently an artist visa support letter, from an institution can only support an application if that institution is supported by the government (through funding)’ 

About Platform BK

Platform BK researches the role of art in society and takes action for a better art policy. We represent artists, curators, designers, critics and other cultural producers.