We need each other!

Artists, curators, designers, writers and art lovers! We need each other! Become a member of Platform BK and be part of an association that stands up for our collective interests.


(Sorry, the video is in Dutch but hopefully you get the point either way…)

As a member you enable Platform BK to take action when art is portrayed as a hobby by a member of the second chamber, when the disability insurance is made compulsory by the cabinet or when a municipality terminates a collective lease of a studio building. All our actions ensure a better appreciation of the visual arts and a stronger position for everyone working in this sector. Our actions always stem from the knowledge and experience of our members, as well as research on the role of art in society. Our actions are also aimed at strengthening solidarity and self-organization in the visual arts.

With this in mind, Platform BK has been one of the advocates of the artists’ fee and we have been the initiators of the guideline. We also broadened the discussion about fair payment by co-developing the Fair Practice Code. In addition, we are committed to affordable working and living spaces for artists, with various actions and national campaigns such as Geen Stad Zonder Kunst (No City Without Art). In short, we work hard to improve our working conditions and to defend the right of art to exist.

The number of members has been growing since its foundation in 2012. We would like to make another leap and we need your help! We want to grow in order to strengthen our core. We notice that subjects are being left out because we do not have enough manpower. So if you want to make it possible for us to follow up on the campaign Geen Stad Zonder Kunst #2 (No City Without Art), a study of the position of the independent curator, a series of debates on the fossil-free financing of art, diversity at the art academy or the relationship between art and democracy, then you should now become a member.

Click here to register as a member. You can become a member for as little as 4 euros per month! And if you are a visual artist, you may be entitled to a private copying remuneration from Pictoright Foundation via Platform BK. If there is a subject that you think we should address, please let us know! All feedback is highly appreciated. See you soon!

With kind regards,

Joram Kraaijeveld, Maritt Kuipers & Michelle Schulkens


Membership campaign: Yuri Veerman based on the corporate identity of Bas Koopmans

Video animation: Paul Kempé (animation) and Arnoud van Traa (sound).

The member campaign of Platform BK is made possible by the Pictoright Foundation.

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