Announcing the Artist Fee Guideline 2.0

An update on the further development of the Artist Fee Guideline by BKNL.


We receive many questions at Platform BK about the further development of the Artists’ Fee Guideline. It is indeed in dire need of an update after five years of use. However, making the Guideline 2.0 takes a lot of work that remains largely invisible. Therefore, we are happy to share with you what we are working on and what you can expect.

In September 2021, BKNL published an evaluation report by Berenschot on the Artist Fee Guideline and the Mondriaan Fund’s Experiment Scheme. You can read the report (in Dutch), a summary in English and our focal points for further development here. Since then, the Guideline steering committee within BKNL, consisting of Platform BK, Kunstenbond, De Zaak Nu, Museumvereniging, and Mondriaan Fonds, has started working on the development of the Artists’ Fee Guideline 2.0. The target date to launch it is on 1 January 2023, the fifth anniversary of Guideline 1.0.

The Guideline 2.0 will consist of:

  • A new calculator, incorporating the ‘space’ factor. The size of the exhibition space and/or institution will thus factor into the amount of the fee.
  • A new website, which will be more modern, user-friendly and inclusive than the current website
  • An FAQ page answering frequently asked questions. For example: How do I determine an appropriate fee for performance or collective work? What are the reasons to negotiate upwards from the minimum fee?
  • Better communication on several fronts. The most important is clear communication about the fact that the calculator does not show standard but minimum fees.
  • A small campaign to raise awareness of the Guideline 2.0 and promote its use. The Artist Fee Guideline is becoming more established, but better awareness is still needed among specific groups, such as recent graduates and local governments.

Do you have questions about or suggestions for further development? Please do not hesitate to contact us at



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