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Alina Lupu

Alina Lupu is born and bred in Romania. She is currently an Amsterdam-based artist and writer. She was alternately employed and contracted by Deliveroo, Helpling, Foodora, Uber, Thuisbezorgd, Hanze Groningen, Willem de Kooning Rotterdam, de Taart van m´n Tante, and Poké Perfect Amsterdam. Her pension will eventually total a bit over 2 Euros per month. Her work has infiltrated: W139, Amsterdam; Onomatopee, Eindhoven; Drugo More, Rijeka; Rheum Room, Basel; European Lab, Lyon and Diskurs, Giessen, among others. Furthermore, Alina Lupu is a board member of Platform BK. She is currently unemployed.

● Alina Lupu
Call-out Culture / Cancel Culture
● Alina Lupu
Before We Knew What Hit Us