Between Art and Power

On the 19th of May, debate center De Balie organised ‘Between Art and Power’, a roundtable on power relationships in the art world. Sepp Eckenhaussen took part on behalf of Platform BK. Watch the (Dutch-language) recording here.


Het schilderij Susanna and the Elders uit 1610 van de toen 17 jarige Italiaanse kunstenares Artemisia Gentileschi. Een jaar na het maken van het schilderij werd Artemisia verkracht door Agostino Tassi, een schilder met wie haar vader samenwerkte.

The art word: a freehaven to some, a black box to others, but who determines that? In the past year, the story of the (sexual) violence committed by the successful artist Julian Andeweg stirred a lot of commotion. People were shocked but #notsurprised. The affair sparked a broader discussion about power relationships in the art world. What are the dominant norms and values? And who decides the boundaries?

This roundtable explored which systemic changes are necessary to create a more inclusive and safe art world, discussing the roles and responsibilities of artists, galleries, institutions, and governments.

Speakers included: Tinkebell, Antonio José Guzman, Judith Boessen, Sepp Eckenhaussen, and Jörgen Tjon a Fong (moderator).

About Sepp Eckenhaussen

Sepp Eckenhaussen is a researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures. From 2020 until 2023, he and Koen Bartijn were the core team of Platform BK.