Launch of Artists’ Fees Guideline 2.0

The renewed Guideline for Artists’ Fees was presented on November 2, 2023, which will apply from January 1, 2025. A major improvement for artists and an important step towards Fair Practice!


Marianne Versteegh and Peter van den Bunder, on behalf of BKNL, present the new Guideline for Artists' Fees to Irene Asscher, chairman of Platform ACCT.

On Thursday, November 2, Irene Asscher, chairman of Platform ACCT, was presented with the revised Guideline for Artists’ Fees by Marianne Versteegh and Peter van den Bunder on behalf of BKNL. At the same time, the website of this Guideline 2.0 was launched: https://www.kunstenshonorarium.bknl.nl/. Platform BK is very happy with this major step towards Fair Pay. The biggest areas for improvement in the new guideline are:

  • The institution’s (exhibition) budget will be a factor in the minimum fee. This almost doubles the fees at large institutions, while fees for small institutions remain accessible.
  • There is more differentiation in the sub-tasks, so that work such as construction and work surrounding an exhibition can be reimbursed more precisely. Please note: this means that these activities can be negotiated more strictly.
  • A new FAQ helps to remove a lot of confusion. (How to deal with a lecture or performance? Are amounts inclusive or exclusive of VAT? Etc.)
  • It is communicated more clearly that the calculator does not produce standard fees, but minimum fees.

The guideline will be implemented on January 1, 2025. However, this is already relevant now, because of the application period for the BIS (basic cultural infrastructure) 2025-2028. Institutions that submit a subsidy application between December 1, 2023 and January 31, 2024 must comply with three codes of conduct regarding Fair Practice, Good Governance and Diversity and Inclusion. The new calculator can therefore already be used for this purpose.

The renewed guideline was drawn up on the basis of two reports: an evaluation by Berenschot and a further development proposal from SiRM. In addition to Platform BK and Kunstenbond, independently working artists have always been included in the process. In the context of the Fair Practice Code and Fair Chain, the revised guideline simplifies the calculation of reimbursement amounts and the rates have been drawn up in conjunction with the Functie- en Loongebouw guideline for contemporary visual arts institutions from the interest group De Zaak Nu. In the near future, BKNL, as a Ketentafel Beeldende kunst within Platform ACCT, will continue to work out the final details in the renewed guideline.

Financing and lobbying

The original guideline, which dates from 2017, has gained broad support in the visual arts sector over the years. This update ensures that we can take further steps towards Fair Pay. At the same time, we see that the subsidy amounts from many institutions will still be too low to absorb the cost increases that this entails. The sector has calculated that an additional 5 million is needed per year. National research is currently being conducted into the additional costs of Fair Pay. The government-subsidized part of the visual arts is part of this. Additional research is also needed at municipalities and provinces.

To encourage the application of the guideline, the Mondriaan Fund has a temporary compensation scheme for visual arts institutions that apply the guideline, with the help of a budget from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Continuation of the directive and the support scheme after 2024 is of great importance for both artists and art institutions. Until January 1, 2025, a calculation tool can be used via the current website kunstenaarshonorarium.nl and institutions can use the Mondriaan Fund’s Artist’s Honorarium scheme until 2024. This contribution reimburses a maximum of 50% of the standard amount in the Artist’s Fees Directive.

BKNL advocates more financial space for visual arts, so that the backlogs, which are still significant in this sector in particular, can be closed. To reinforce this call, BKNL sent a letter about Fair Practice at art venues to State Secretary Uslu on April 28:

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