Midstream @ Het Resort

At the seminar ‘Midstream’, organized by Het Resort in Groningen, Sepp Eckenhaussen gave a lecture entitled ‘The Rise and Fall of Social Art Policy’ and Koen Bartijn led a workshop on the ‘artistic biotope’. Watch the lecture and subsequent panel discussion here.


Midstream was a one-time artist serving seminar that deals with taking your own position in society as an artist. How can you as an artist take power in a neoliberal system?

een eendaagse seminar voor kunstenaars, waarin werd besproken hoe zij hun eigen rol in de maatschappij kunnen vormgeven. Hoe kunnen kunstenaars zeggenschap naar zich toe trekken in een neoliberaal systeem?

The program consists of: 1) a lecture about HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE OF THE ARTIST’S POSITION, 2) a talk with various professionals in the art scene about what should change, 3) a talk with artists about how they deal or counter with the set rules and 4) four workshops where we get to action. You can read the full program on the website of Het Resort.

Below, you can watch back the lecture and panel discussions. Due to technical problems, only the first half of the lecture was recorded. We hope to upload a full version soon.

Lecture ‘The Rise and Fall of Social Art Policy’ by Sepp Eckenhaussen:

Panel discussion with Quirijn Quirijn van den Hoogen, Joke de Wolf, Sepp Eckenhaussen, and moderator Mirthe Berentsen:

About Sepp Eckenhaussen

Sepp Eckenhaussen is a researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures. From 2020 until 2023, he and Koen Bartijn were the core team of Platform BK.