New colleague: Mathilde Hjelle

We’re very happy that Mathilde will join Platform BK as an intern during the next three months!


‘Hey, my name is Mathilde, and I am an intern with Platform BK! My background is within the field of social science, and currently, I am doing a Research Master in Urban Studies (UvA). As part of my internship, I am working on an experimental documentary film that seeks to address the tension between artistic integrity and commercial pressure. How do artists cope with financial struggles while maintaining their creative motivation? What strategies can be employed, and how can we, as a society, better support our artistic colleagues? These are the questions I seek to address in my research, both to answer to my own curiosity and to make the voice of artists be heard.’

Mathilde’s documentary will be published on this website in November or December. Check our newsletters and social media to stay up-to-date!

About Platform BK

Platform BK researches the role of art in society and takes action for a better art policy. We represent artists, curators, designers, critics and other cultural producers.