Potluck meeting #2

Platform BK organizes Potluck Meetings: meetings where we hope to exchange and collect knowledge, information, tips and reactions from Platform-members and others in an informal and active manner. We see these meetings as a way of staying in close contact to our members that may be of direct influence on our agenda and activities. The meetings are important for the representation of our members and could influence our debates, reflections, clusters and research, and they are vital for our self-organization. In short, a meeting according to the reciprocal motto: we feed you, you feed us.


Of course, the meetings are also an opportunity to get acquainted with each other. Based on a number of themes, we invite people we know to a greater or lesser extent. The meetings will take the form of a dinner, lunch or hike and will take place in different places in the Netherlands. We can imagine that in some cases it is interesting to bring together the same group of people. Or, from some meetings, working groups, clusters or other types of collaborations could continue. Initially, participation is completely non-binding and there is no cost involved. The first Potluck Meeting will be on Friday 1 December 2017.

Would you like to join us for this potluck? Sign up via info@platformbk.nl. There is limited availability, so be quick! Check out the subjects and menu of the 2nd Potluck Meeting below.

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