Survey on Income Loss

Once again the cultural sector is being hit hard by the corona measures and once again the self-employed are at risk of being left without support. In order to take action against this, we want to get a clear idea of your loss of income.


The restrictive measures are understandable given the circumstances, but the support measures to compensate for the losses caused by these measures are not. The support package presented by the Minister of Culture to the Tweede Kamer (parliament) on 15 November offers near-exclusive support to institutions. Once again, artists and other self-employed people are at risk of being left out.

Through the Creatieve Coalitie, we challenge this proposal, and instead want all the damage that all freelance workers suffer as a result of the current measures to be compensated. In order to substantiate this claim and establish exactly how much support is needed, we have launched a survey on the financial consequences of the corona crisis for those working in the creative and cultural sector. Completing this survey is anonymous and takes a maximum of 10 minutes. If desired you can skip questions.

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