Vacancy: Directorship of Platform BK

Platform BK is looking for a duo to share the directorship of Platform Beeldende Kunst from March 2023 onwards.


32 hours shared per week (16 hours each)
€ 1150 euros gross per month per person

Deadline: 22 January 2023

About Platform BK

Platform BK is an association of artists, designers, curators, writers, and producers working in contemporary visual art. Platform BK investigates the role of art in society and campaigns for a better art policy. We work for a better appreciation of the visual arts and a stronger position for everyone working within the sector. Platform BK’s mission is to promote solidarity within and with the arts. We do this by researching current themes relevant to the arts field and putting them on the agenda of art institutions, politicians, and the media. Thanks to our direct relationship with the arts field and a growing membership, we know what is happening and can take an independent position within the sector. As an active think tank, Platform BK is a catalyst for essential developments in the arts field and a link between interest groups and politics, in the media and society, independent of establishment or economic interests.


Platform BK came into being in 2011 in response to cultural cutbacks and initially focused on elevating the voices of effected artists, curators, and producers themselves, as well as their representation in politics and policymaking. Based on research, we brought out a genuine picture of pluralistic and precarious contemporary art practice, in the media we offered retorts to inaccuracies and falsities.

The interests of artists and cultural workers are currently represented by several parties (including Kunsten ’92, Kunstenbond, Creatieve Coalitie, De Zaak Nu), often with strong legal, fiscal, or lobbying expertise. Platform BK cooperates closely with these organizations and supplements the expertise from the perspective and practice of our members, mostly visual artists. In these collaborations, we can put topics on the agenda that are part of the practice of artists and curators and bring in a perspective from the makers that would otherwise remain underexposed. In this endeavor, we embrace diversity in all forms so that the voices of all artists can find a hearing within the organization and our activities. In this way, we strengthen each other and form a joint point of contact and consultation partner for various organizations including BKNL and the Ministry of Culture.

Above all, Platform BK has a function as an active think tank: reflecting on the role of art in society, the changes which effect that dynamic and outlining possible future scenarios based on solidarity. In an increasingly polarizing society, our focus is on the political role and potential of art and its future.

Future Scenarios

Platform BK is 10 years old. During this time, much work has been done on artists’ fees, the Fair Practice Code, studio policy that has been patiently and persistently propagated within policy structures and in practice. In recent years, the current core team has prioritized the function of active think tank: with actions and activities on social safety within the arts, the growing influence of patronage, the precarious position of alumni, and a new perspective on the cultural system with more trickle-up. It is expected that the new core team will further develop some of these dossiers and complement them with some, new topics of interest to our constituencies and which they want to work on.


We are looking for two people with experience and a network in the visual arts; a duo who, for the period of 2 to 3 years, will take on the leadership of the platform in terms of program and day-to-day management and dare to give it direction. Work takes place in consultation with the board and is supported by regular joint brainstorming working sessions for research and idea development. The location is in principle Amsterdam, where Platform BK’s office is located, but activities take place throughout the Netherlands.

As a duo, you are able to set the agenda and respond to current affairs. You research current themes and actively draw attention to them through debates, texts or other forms of publication or actions. You formulate plans and implement them, working on a project basis with volunteers and/or interns (for a fee). You maintain and expand the network and seek cooperation with other parties to achieve the objectives of Platform BK. You continue the participation of Platform BK in BKNL and other relevant (international) meetings. You promote the vision of Platform BK through various communication channels including our website, our newsletter and social media channels and actively seek publicity.

It is possible to apply as a duo and as an individual. In the final selection, a duo will be appointed on the basis of equal cooperation, in which the synergy, complementary qualities and the ability to support each other will be taken into account. At least one of the candidates must speak Dutch.

Profile of the Duo

  • Activist and idealistic with a sense of diplomacy
  • Experience and network in the visual arts world and solid knowledge of its workings
  • Experience in presenting before an audience, politics, and other stakeholders
  • High-level command of Dutch and English in speaking and writing
  • Experience with project organization and budgeting
  • An independent position in the visual arts, with preference for artist, designer, or curator
  • Experience with social media and communication

You can apply until 22 January by sending CV and cover letter to: Esmee Schoutens, secretary, Please indicate in your cover letter what issues you would like to continue working on and what issues you would like to develop and in what way.

Our team consists of people with different backgrounds. Together we ensure that Platform BK knows what is going on and what is needed. The organization embraces diversity and actively combats racism, sexism, and every other form of discrimination within the arts field. Anyone who thinks they can contribute to this is invited to respond.

For information, please contact: Joram Kraaijeveld, chair of the board,

The first round of interviews will take place from 30 January–1 February 2023.


About Platform BK

Platform BK researches the role of art in society and takes action for a better art policy. We represent artists, curators, designers, critics and other cultural producers.