Workshop Fair Practice and the Artistic Biotope.

At the invitation of Artist And The Others, co-director Koen Bartijn, will host a workshop on Fair Practice and sustainable art practice for cultural workers. You can still sign-up


Coming Wednesday Koen will visit the Maastricht Institute of Arts to host a workshop for cultural workers on what the Guideline for Artist Fees and the Fair Practice Code can mean for their practice. The workshop is hosted by Artists And The Others,  an initiative based on the importance of arts for our society and the benefit of shared knowledge. The foundation, initiated in 2013, supports young artists and cultural professionals during their careers in the cultural field.


During this workshop, we will discuss how these policy ‘tools’ will help you to realize a sustainable career in the arts. This also means we will discuss how the values of the Fair Practice Code – solidarity, trust, sustainability, diversity and transparency – can be activated in your practice.


You can read everything about the workshop and sign up for it here

The workshop takes place from 11 am till 4 pm and is free of charge.

About Koen Bartijn

Koen Bartijn (1992) is a dramaturg, active researcher, and arts initiator in both visual- and performance art. Currently, he creates his own art productions as a member and founder of the performance collective Antidote — and he is the co-director of Platform Beeldende Kunst