Workshop: Mapping Your Art Practice

During Platform BK’s office-in-residency we run a workshop named Mapping Your Art Practice. During this workshop we will map different art practices, untangle ideas about time and money and outline alternative, sustainable(er) routes based on your skills, knowledge and (side) jobs. Gain more insight into each other’s practices and learn to trust your own journey.


Workshop 3: Mapping Your Art Practice

Friday 8 Dec 12:00-16:00
A workshop by writer Zoë Dankert and Platform BK co-director Jeannette Slütter.

Zoë Dankert works as a writer, podcast maker, and art critic. Her writings have been published in Metropolis M, NRC, De Witte Raaf, and Boekman, among others. In 2022, she received the Prize for Young Art Criticism for an exhibition review and the Incentive Prize for Innovative Art Critical Practices for the podcast series Werktitel, which discusses labour culture and conditions in the contemporary Dutch art world. She previously worked as a web editor and editor-in-chief at Metropolis M. She currently works as a project based employee for the collection & exhibitions department at the photography museum Huis Marseille.

More about Werktitel: www.werktitel.org



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