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Out Now: no city without art #2

Platform BK and Kunstenbond present the research report: Geen Stad Zonder Kunst #2. In this article, you can read the most important conclusions (in English), download the full report (in Dutch), and learn more about No City Without Art.


The research report GSZK#2 offers a comparative overview of policies on studio space in six Dutch cities: The Hague, Tilburg, Arnhem, Maastrischt, Utrecht, and Amsterdam. It is a valuable practical tool for artists, politicians, and managers of social real estate. The report is the result of the national campaign for affordable living and working space for artists conducted by Platform BK and the Dutch Arts Union under the title ‘Geen Stad Zonder Kunst’ (No City Without Art). We conclude that self-organized collectives and studio foundations should create more social real estate, to counter the decrease in social real estate provided by municipalities and housing corporations resulting from national legislation.



The report formulates four important recommendations to the national government:

  • Make sure that social real estate remains.
  • Make sure that those individuals and organizations that depend on social real estate can continue to rent this real estate.
  • Support and stimulate cooperative modes of ownership and governance.
  • Involve artists in policy-making, don’t talk about them but with them.


What is GSZK? Yuri Veerman made a Geen Stad Zonder Kunst-videoclip (in Dutch):

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